How Can I Prevent Certain Users from Editing a Page?

By design, users will not have editing access to a page when the user is first created.  The Admin must assign the user to each page they want the user to have editing access to. If you already know which pages you do not want certain users to access when you start assigning them page access, you can simply not assign them to the pages you don’t want them editing.  If you need to remove editing access from a user who already has it, this can also be done, but only by the Admin.

Log into your book as the Admin. If you do not see Admin in the top-level toolbar, shown in the screenshot below, then you are not logged in as the Admin.

Preventing Certain Users from Editing Pages in Pictavo





Once you are logged in as the Admin, click on the Ladder in the top-level toolbar.

Ladder in the Pictavo Software




To remove a user’s editing access from a single page, click on either the Assign Users or Assign Groups button next to the page.

Removing a User’s Editing Access from a Single Page in Pictavo




Uncheck the box next to the names of the people (or groups) that you want to remove page editing access from.

Removing Page Editing Access from Users or Groups in Pictavo






Once finished, press the Save button.

Saving Editing Access in Pictavo




If you wish to remove editing access to multiple pages simultaneously, you may use the Quick Assign Users button in the second-level toolbar.

How to Remove Editing Access to Multiple Pages Simultaneously Using the Quick Assign Users Feature in Pictavo




Uncheck the box next to the page that you wish to remove editing ability from.  Once you have unchecked all the boxes you wish, press Save.

Removing Editing Ability and Saving in Pictavo






Please note that you can uncheck multiple boxes from as many users as you wish before pressing Save.  Also, it is not necessary to press Save after every single user, just be sure to press Save when you are done with all of them.