How Can I Distort The Proportions Of An Image On A Page?

When you add an image to the page, Pictavo will attempt to always keep the proportions of the image the same.  This ratio of width to height is also called the aspect ratio.  Normally, you cannot change the aspect ratio (or the height without changing the width, or the width without changing the height) so that you do not accidentally distort an image. However, there may be circumstances where this distortion is not a problem or even desirable for design reasons.  If you wish to distort the image, you can click on the lock between the W (Width) and the H (Height) buttons on the second-level toolbar to unlock the aspect ratio and allow the width and height to be adjusted individually.

Unlocking the Apsect Ratio for Images in Pictao




Once you do this, you will see that there are options available on the selection box that were previously unavailable and you can adjust the width and height independently.

Adjusting the Width and Height of images in Pictavo Independently







After you have adjusted the aspect ratio to your liking, click back on the Lock button to lock the aspect ratio into place again.

Re-locking the Aspect Ratio in Pictavo