How Do I Flow Portraits Onto A Page?

Go to the page where you want to flow portraits and click on the Portraits/Index button in the second-level toolbar and choose Flow Portraits.

First, you will have to choose whether you want this portrait flow to be by Teacher or by Grade.

Next,Choose which group you would like to flow onto the page by clicking on it..  Please note that you can have multiple portrait flows on a single page (to have two separate groups on one page) or you can spread one single group across multiple pages.

On the same screen, specify whether you would like portraits to flow onto a single page or multiple pages at one time and then click Next.

Next, choose the options for the portrait flow, which are how many columns and rows you would like in the portrait flow and what text and teacher flow options you would like.

At this point, you have the option of specifying a spot where portraits will not flow.  This is done by clicking on an individual portrait spot in the preview on the right side.

Then press Finish to add the portrait flow to the page.

If you chose to flow only a single page and did not flow all of the people from the group, the rest of the portraits are still available to flow.  What you will need to do is move to the next page and flow in the same fashion.  Repeat that until all the members of the group are flowed.  You can tell that everyone from a group is flowed when you go to flow portraits and no longer see the group in the available groups to be flowed.