Control What and Who Uploads Images Into Your Book to Avoid Image Overload

Before starting your book, it is highly recommended that the Admin decides how photos are going to be collected, stored, sorted and uploaded into the book and who will perform each of these tasks.  While it may sound like a good idea to give every user or parent access to the book for uploading images, remember that sometimes having too many images can be just as difficult as not having enough.  For example, sorting through fifty unusable images to find one that will work for your page can be frustrating.  To prevent this, we recommend that you do some preliminary filtering of images before uploading them into your book.  If you know that you have only one page to devote to Football pictures, uploading two hundred images into your book for this topic may be counter-productive as you spend more time searching through images for the one you want than you would have spent sorting them before uploading.

Also make sure that you or your staff organizes the images that are uploaded into folders so that you don’t have a large collection of unsorted images to look through every time you build a page.  Consider using folders that correspond to the categories that you set up when making your Ladder.   While the person who uploaded the images may know exactly who is in each picture, the people building the page may not.  Seeing a smiling face labeled “001.JPG” in the All Photos area is much less helpful than seeing the same picture in the “5th Grade” folder.  Having an image in the proper folder enables all users to know where a photo is supposed to be used.