How Can I Tell Whether A Portrait Has Been Flowed Onto A Page?

To see if a portrait has been flowed, go to Images in the top-level toolbar.

Then click on Portraits.

Locate the portrait(s) that you wish to check on.  You will see a green check box underneath each portrait if it is flowed onto a page.

To see the page number it is flowed on, click on the small arrow to the right of the green check box. To immediately go to that page, click on the page number listed.  If the portrait has not been used, you will see a yellow sign.

If you want to see if everyone from a group is flowed, go to a page you can edit and then click on the Flow Portraits button.

If a group is listed, that means that at least one person from that group is not flowed onto a page yet.  You can see how many people are not flowed by clicking on the group and looking at the right side.

If a group is not listed, that means that everyone from that group is flowed onto a page.