How Can I Share A Page With Someone Who Doesn’t Have Access to Pictavo?

Sharing pages with others is often helpful when you want others to view or proof pages when they don’t have access to Pictavo. There are two ways to accomplish this: Begin by either clicking on the Ladder or the Pages flyout in Pages in the top-level toolbar

Then clicking on the Share button

This will bring up the page sharing popup.

If you are only sharing a page or two, you can share them via email, which will attach a PDF of the page(s) you select.  The PDF will be a low resolution version of what will be printed.

You can also share a page via a web site link.

While this option will also send others an e-mail, it will send them to a link containing the PDF (instead of attaching the file to the e-mail). Choose this option if you are sharing a large number of pages or there is a concern about the recipient’s email not accepting attachments. In both methods (e-mail or web) you can enter multiple e-mail addresses, copy yourself on the e-mail and enter any message you wish.

Press Send when you are ready to share the intended pages.