How Can I Place Teachers In Two Places—Once With Their Class And Once With The Other Teachers?

In order to have teachers appear in their own section as well as with their class, they will need to be in the portrait database twice. To duplicate them, begin by going to Images in the top-level toolbar.

Then click on the Portraits tab.

Once there, click on the Add New Portrait button.

This will add a blank person to the database.  You will need to fill in the First Name, Last Name, and either Grade or Teacher/Homeroom for the teacher, depending on which field you are flowing by.  You will have to make the Grade or Teacher/Homeroom the name of the other group you want the teacher to appear in so their image can be flowed twice. Thus, if you need someone named John Smith to flow with both the Smith homeroom and the Teacher homeroom, and John Smith is already with the Smith homeroom, then you would enter the Teacher homeroom in the new entry for John Smith so that he flows in both sections.

The final step is to set a picture for the new entry.  To do this, click on Change Picture.

This will bring up the Choose Picture window.  If you have not yet imported the picture, click on Import Picture(s).

Then, locate that person’s picture in the correct folder, click on it to select it and press Open.

Once the person’s picture has been uploaded, click on it so that it puts a blue box around it and press Select Picture.

Click on OK to signify that you’re done adding that person to the portrait database.

Remember to click on Save Changes to save the changes and reflow the groups.