What Can I Do If I Cannot Get A Compatible Portrait Database From My School Photographer?

When not provided with a compatible portrait database, the following three options are available:

  • Use a spreadsheet program capable of saving tab delimited text files to create the index outside of Pictavo and then create your own compatible database. (Most desired option.)
  • Create the database directly within Pictavo. (Second desired option.)
  • Upload and place the portrait images as candid images and manually place a text box underneath each one. (This is the least desired option unless you have a small number of students and are confident that you will not want to change layout options on your portrait pages.)

In general, it is best to follow the first option—to create the index file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel® that is capable of saving tab delimited text files.

If you need assistance, please call Pictavo Technical Support at 800-594-2324.