How Can I Delete A Person From The Portrait Flow Or The Portrait Database?

Before attempting to delete a person from the portrait flow or the portrait database, make sure you have been given permission to delete portraits by your book’s Admin. The Admin may not have given you permission to do so.

To delete someone from a portrait flow, you will either need to move the person into a new group or delete the person from the database entirely.  To do either of these, start by going to Images in the top-level toolbar.

Then go to the Portraits tab.

Next, locate the portrait that you want to remove from the flow.  If you think there is a chance the person may need to be flowed in the future, it is recommended that you change their group to be something that no one else has, such as “NOT FLOWED” or something equally descriptive.  Then press OK after making the change.

Press Save Change to keep the change.

If you are confident this person will not be placed in the book, then you can safely delete them from the database entirely.  Do this by clicking on the image and then pressing the Delete Portrait button.

Press Save Change to keep the change.