Assign Users to Only the Specific Pages You Want Them to Work On

Pictavo’s Quick Assign Users Feature

When initially setting up a user, the Admin will be asked what permissions (or privileges) he/she wants to give that user.  It can be tempting to give each user all privileges, just in case they need them. However, you’ll want to pay special attention to the privileges you assign each user, especially those that allow a user to delete work, such as an entire page. If in doubt, you can always start by keeping user permissions relatively restricted and then change them as needed throughout the year.

By design, the system will not assign any privileges to a user.  It’s up to the Admin to decide which privileges he/she wants to entrust to each user.  As you’re creating users, it is highly recommended that you only assign them editing permission to those pages you want them to create or modify in some way. This way, you can be assured that only users that have access to their designated pages can work on them. Please note that all users can see the entire book, even if they have limited editing privileges.

If you have several users who are working on the same pages and will have the same privileges, consider creating a group for those users so that you can assign them similar privileges and page access all at once instead of one at a time.

Pictavo’s Quick Assign Users feature is also a fast way to give users or groups access to just the pages they need.