How Does the Adviser (Admin) Approve A Page?

After a page has been submitted to the Admin for approval, the Admin can either approve that page, thus leaving it in a state ready for publishing when all other pages are approved, or reject the page, which moves the page back to an editable state.

To approve a page, the Admin will need to click on the Pages fly-out in Pages.

After thoroughly reviewing the page, click on the Approve button.

Pages can also be approved when reviewing them in the Ladder.

Once the Admin clicks on the approval button, an approval message will pop-up.

Click Yes to approve the page and move it to the final, approved status.  You will then see that the page status has changed to a blue circle next to the page number when viewing it in the Ladder or Pages flyout.

Please note that all pages must be moved to the approved status before the book can be sent in for publishing.