Pictavo: Online Yearbook and Ads Sales, Sell and Buy School Yearbooks Online

Online Yearbook and Ads Sales

Designing and Selling Yearbook Ads Online with Pictavo!

At YearbookLife we make it easier than ever for parents, students, and businesses to design and pay for their yearbook ads online through our Pictavo Community Online Ad Design & Sales feature!

This feature means much less hassle for the yearbook committee. No more having to deal with poorly designed ads that can’t be uploaded into your yearbook, or having to deal with cash, checks, and receipts. All of this is available at no cost to the school.


  • Design their ads online – using dozens of pre-made templates and Pictavo–style design tools, they have access to a program that will allow them to create a high quality and unique ad for their child or business.
    • Ad design templates are available in full page, half page, quarter page, and business card sizes.
    • Users upload their own choice of photos and enter their own text.
  • Pay for their ads online – using a credit card system they’re familiar with, making the ordering process easy, convenient, and secure.
  • Technical Support assistance


  • Ads submitted through Pictavo Community are “yearbook-ready” and placed in a folder in your Pictavo yearbook account for you to simply drag and drop onto a page. What could be easier and more hassle-free?
  • Track sales through your Pictavo sales report and even add cash and check sales to the report if your school wants to continue with traditional ad design and sales.
  • Access to predesigned flyers directing users how to navigate through the Ad Design and Sales portal.
  • A Help Menu and technical support available to assist users through the design process so you don’t have to.