Customer Service

A lot of dedication and effort goes into creating a yearbook. You and your yearbook staff deserve that same level of dedication and effort from your yearbook publisher.


Customer Care


Customer Support and Tech Support Representatives are accessible via phone or e-mail. These representatives will answer your questions and resolve any yearbook issues in a timely manner.


Online Help


Video tutorials support the adviser throughout the process of building the yearbook. Extensive help files and manuals are available to answer specific questions.


Over-the-Web Support


Our customer support team can log onto your computer with your permission to diagnose any problem or to help you with an idea for your yearbook page. No matter where you are as long as you have access to the internet we can see your screen and help you through virtually anything.


Yearbook Kit Materials


Complimentary yearbook kits are specially packed for the school and provide step-by-step instructional materials based on your school’s yearbook specifications.


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