Your yearbook staff will be able to reach professional level results with Pictavo’s easy-to-use design tools.  With access to a nearly endless amount of creative tools, including thousands of custom backgrounds and clip-art options, your staff will be able to create their best yearbook possible.


Pictavo allows your yearbook staff to effectively communicate without having to be face to face. It features tools like chat, group chat, sticky notes, and file sharing.  Because the software is online, multiple users can work at once and see real-time changes as they are working.  Pictavo allows anyone on your yearbook team to work on the yearbook anytime, anywhere there is a high speed internet connection.


Pictavo offers hundreds of page design templates to choose from when creating your yearbook.  The software allows for you to use these pre-made templates as is, or as a starting point, or you can design and save your own.



Need help getting everyone organized?  Don’t worry, Pictavo is here to help!  Pictavo allows the advisor to assign permissions or tasks to each user or group of users, giving each person access rites to only to certain aspects of the book, while still being able to view the progress of the entire book.


Sometimes finding the right yearbook photos that highlight all school events can be a challenge.  Now, with the Pictavo Community Photo Upload feature, members of your school community outside of the yearbook staff can upload and share images they’ve captured for consideration in your yearbook.  This means you can dramatically increase the number and type of yearbook photos for available for use if your yearbook without any extra effort on your part.   Click here to learn more about the Pictavo Community Photo Upload feature.


Using Pictavo to sell your yearbooks online will significantly simplify the ordering process for you, parents, and students. Through Pictavo Community’s online yearbook sales feature, parents and students can go online to order your school yearbook with just a few easy clicks.  You can then view all of the yearbooks sold through an online sales report.  Still want to make cash/check sales available at your school?  No problem, simply enter that information onto your online report as well for a full view of all of your yearbook sales.   Click here to learn more about the Pictavo Community online yearbook sales feature.


You’ll find Pictavo Community’s online Ad Design and Sales feature to be a life saver for both you and parents.  This feature gives parents access to a powerful, yet easy-to-use design software that allows them to create a yearbook-ready ad for their child. They’ll be able to use many of the same design elements that are found in your Pictavo yearbook.  Parents then pay for their ad online and submit it for placement in the yearbook.  You can then view all of the ads sold through an online sales report.   Click here to learn more about the Pictavo Community online Ad Design & Sales feature.



Our dedicated Pictavo Technical Support Team is available to assist you with all aspects of Pictavo and Pictavo Community. 


Contact them at 1-800-887-0414.


Yearbook Covers

Need some design inspiration?


YearbookLife offers a selection of Full Color Stock Covers and Custom Cover Background Options that you can easily enhance.

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