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Sports Books & Media Guides


Highlight your team or club with a sports book/media guide. It is a great way to do fundraising!


Through YearbookLife’s Varsity Blue program we offer everything from full color professional sports media guides to a simple booklet highlighting

Sports Baseball_Book

your youth team — and everything in between! Add advertising to any of our products to help raise additional funds for your team.


Why Media Guide Fundraising?

Raise Extra Funds Easily

Increase Team Visibility

Build Team Credibility

Spotlight your Players

Selling Tool for Recruits

Create Lasting Memories


 Many Teams are raising over $10,000 a Year with Media Guide Fundraising!



sportsbook_1Sample Fundraising Breakdown

Number of Media Guides = 200
Number of Pages = 24
Cost per Book = $10.00
Total Cost = $2000.00
Number of Advertising Pages = 16
Amount Raised per Advertising Page = $300.00
Total Advertising Money Collected = $4800.00
Book Sales ($3.00 per Book) = $600.00
Total Money Raised ($4800.00 + $600.00) = $5400.00
Total Expense = $1400
Total Money Raised a.k.a. PROFIT = $4000.00



YearbookLife offers Pictavo software FREE to make page assembly quick and easy.  Designed to be worked on individually or as a group, Pictavo is an online design program that offers unlimited creative opportunities, and allows you to effectively communicate with everyone in your group and you work through your sports book and media guide design.  These books are available in regular 8″x11″ size.

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