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Would you like an electronic version of your school’s yearbook?

If you answered yes, YearbookLife 
can help!

It’s important to note that, just like any other technology, the actual life-span of an eYearbook is unknown. Remember VHS tapes, cassette tapes and 8-track tapes whose technology has come and gone over the years? While all served a purpose at one time, digital technology continued to evolve at a rapid pace that surpassed their usefulness and you’d be hard-pressed to find a player that could play any of them now. Because of so many unknowns in the world of eYearbooks, YearbookLife has chosen to offer an eYearbook as a complement to the printed yearbook, not a replacement. This means only those schools who have received their printed yearbooks and are current on their billing are eligible for our eYearbook service.

What is an eYearbook?

An eYearbook is an electronic version of a school’s printed yearbook that can be read using a mobile phone, tablet or other computer with e-reading capabilities. The reader simply sees the book in an electronic form and “flips” the pages with the swipe of their finger across the bottom 
of each page like they are turning the pages of the printed book. YearbookLife is offering an eYearbook in the two most popular ebook formats (ePub3 and MOBI) that can be read on the most popular devices such as:

  • iPhones or iPads, using iBooks
  • Android devices, using Gitden 
Reader or Amazon Kindle
  • PC computers, using Adobe Digital Editions
  • Mac computers, using iBooks or Adobe 
Digital Editions

How do I order an eYearbook?

You simply contact us and tell us you want an eYearbook for your school. The cost of an eYearbook is $249 per school. Once you purchase the eYearbook it is yours to distribute however you wish, to whomever you wish as often as you like.

How will the eYearbook be delivered?

Five business days after a yearbook order ships, an email consisting of two links to download the eYearbook in either an ePub3 or MOB I format will be sent to you. You can then forward the email with the links to teachers, administration students and parents for downloading.


Contact YearbookLife today toll-free at 888-680-0143 or email us at service@yearbooklife.com

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