2017-2018 Yearbook Submission & Deadline Information

Yearbook season is in full swing! Before you know it, your yearbook will be complete and you’ll be ready for submission.

Just some information to get you through to the end…

Final Deadlines

If you need to work past the submission date on your agreement or on the Pictavo clock, you can, just contact us to reschedule the submission and delivery dates.

Deposits & Final Payment

A 50% deposit is due upon submission of your book. We will send you an invoice for this deposit once your book is submitted. Remember that you can alter the number of books or the number of pages of your book from the original contracted amount up until your submission date without penalty. Just contact us for the adjusted price of your books.

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For information through yearbook season, please follow us on Facebook – Facebook.com/Yearbooklife.

Technical Support

Our technicians are available to assist you with all of your Pictavo questions. Please contact them at 1-800-887-0414, or through email at support@pictavo.com. Be sure to also refer to Pictavo’s Help Menu for detailed information about all of Pictavo’s functions.

…and don’t forget about our 2017-2018 Best Yearbook Contest!

From March 1, 2018, through midnight (EST) May 31, 2018 (the “Promotional Period”), YearbookLife will conduct a 2017-2018 best yearbook contest.  All Spring delivery yearbooks delivered between March 1, 2018 and May 31, 2018 will be eligible to win. For official contest rules, click here to visit our web page for more information. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Yearbook Enhancements: Personalizing Your Yearbook Cover

One of the most popular enhancement options for your yearbook is personalizing your yearbook cover. This type of personalization allows you to add the student’s name to the yearbook cover. Depending on your cover type, a student’s name can be printed in ink, stamped on with foil, or engraved on a name plate.

For every book you want personalized, you will send YearbookLife a spreadsheet list containing all of the personalized text.  The text will be printed in Upper and Lower case letters as you indicate on your spreadsheet.  Be sure the text appears on your spreadsheet exactly the way it should appear on the cover.

If you sell your personalized yearbooks through Pictavo Community, you can export the personalization list as a spreadsheet file as follows:

  1. From the Admin icon, click on Manage Sales.
  2. Select the View Orders tab.
  3. Click on the Export to Excel button – this creates a spreadsheet of all of the orders for your book.  The personalized names can be found in Column P.
  4. Delete all of the other columns from the spreadsheet except Column P so that your spreadsheet is just a one column file. For Personalization Option 4, with icons, we can help you separate the names from the icon selections if you need assistance.
  5. Save this spreadsheet and email it to production@yearbooklife.com when you submit your book.

Contact YearbookLife if you have any questions about Yearbook Personalization or any other enhancement options for your yearbooks.

Yearbook Proof Corrections and Fees

YearbookLife wants to ensure that your yearbook is produced error-free.  Therefore, we issue PDF proofs so you can review your book one more time before it moves into the production process.

Corrections to your book will be made based upon the following pricing schedule:

1. Individual text corrections such as spelling mistakes, typos, word changes, etc., completed at $9 per correction.

2. Image corrections such as moving or replacing individual images completed at $15 per image.

3. Reflowing of Portraits completed at $35 per page.

4. Color correction or Graphics work such as bleeds, resizing of images, etc., completed at $125 per hour.

*Other charges may apply.  You will be notified ahead of time if additional costs are required to correct your book.
Resubmission Option

Book Resubmissions – $150.  Use this option if you find mulitple errors in your book and want to correct those errors yourself.  This option may delay delivery of your book.