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Yearbook Publishing and Printing Company, YearbookLife offers FREE video tutorials for the EZBook Yearbook Publishing Software


(PRWEB) Cooper City, FL January 25, 2011 – YearbookLife, http://www.yearbooklife.com, offers free EZBook Yearbook Publishing Software to all its customers.

As if that is not enough, YearbookLife has recently updated their website by adding over a dozen EZBook video tutorials, including: Creating Your Book, Saving Your Book, Working With Images,  and Creating and Using Yearbook Design Templates, to help you learn how to easily create and design your school yearbook using the EZBook software.

The EZBook Yearbook Software is both fast and easy to use. The EZBook software is very flexible, allowing you to use photos from your photographer and candid shots from volunteers.  Enlarge, reduce, rotate, crop, frame your photos — EZBook does it all — eliminating the need for other pricey desktop publishing software.   Automatically flow portrait pages and names onto your pages.  Create portrait pages, candid pages, even montage pages using the EZBook Yearbook Software. 

Whether you’re working as an individual, within a group, as part of a PTA, or yearbook staff, the EZBook software is a great resource for all elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.  Not only is the EZBook Yearbook Publishing Software economically pleasing in price, it is also quite simple to learn how to use, especially with the EZbook video tutorials now available at YearbookLife.  Your yearbook staff can use these free resources to create an even better school yearbook through the desktop or online version – whichever version works best for your school’s needs.  

As one of the most affordable yearbook publishing and printing companies, YearbookLife is always looking for ways encourage and motivate yearbook staff members to be creative and to have fun creating their school yearbook.  Whether it’s offering free yearbook publishing software like EZBook, or providing tons of free resources including:  free full color stock covers, free full color proofs, free yearbook sales marketing materials or the most convenient payment options in the industry, including No Money Down to start your yearbook project, and only one deadline, there’s no doubt that when price matters, YearbookLife is the smart choice for yearbook publishing and printing. 

The EZBook video tutorials take only minutes to watch and seconds to learn about this powerful yearbook publishing software.  Be sure to visit http://www.yearbooklife.com/yearbook-software/ezbook/ezbook-video-tutorials/ and discover the newest and fastest way to create and design your school yearbook.

About YearbookLife:

South Florida-based YearbookLife is a family-owned school yearbook publishing company with over ten years of experience producing quality school yearbooks.   As a provider of affordable school yearbooks and other yearbook products, including church directories, military yearbooks, memory books, sports books, media guides, school posters and wedding books, YearbookLife has taken all the positive aspects of the world’s largest yearbook companies, added more benefits, eliminated most restrictions, significantly reduced prices and greatly improved service.  Visit YearbookLife online at www.YearbookLife.com, or follow us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Yearbook-Life/310219548867?ref=ts) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/yearbooklife) for our current specials.

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