Creating School Yearbooks with the Pictavo Yearbook Software is Even Easier with Newly Added Features

YearbookLife Customers Can Enjoy the New Features of the Pictavo Yearbook Software – a Great Yearbook Publishing Tool for Yearbook Staff Members


Cooper City, FL March 12, 2012 – YearbookLife,, is proud to offer its elementary school, middle-school and high school customers the most user-friendly yearbook publishing tools in the yearbook publishing industry, including Pictavo, a browser-based yearbook publishing software.  Pictavo has recently added two new features, including Online Yearbook and Ad Sales and Community Image Upload,which will be available for all 2012-2013 school yearbooks.  What’s more, YearbookLife customers are able to take advantage of Pictavo and all the other yearbook resources that YearbookLife offers – at no additional cost!

The Pictavo yearbook publishing software provides yearbook advisers and staff with sophisticated design tools, comprehensive project management tools, team collaboration tools, and hundreds of design templates with advanced features for yearbook page layout and editing.  Some of the new features include online yearbook and ad sales and community image upload capabilities, which make it even easier than ever for yearbook staff members to create a school yearbook that everyone will treasure.

Using Pictavo to sell yearbooks and yearbook ads online will significantly simplify the ordering process of school yearbooks foryearbook staff members, parents, and students.  Now with Pictavo’s Online Yearbook and Ad Sales, yearbook staff can sell yearbooks, personalized yearbook cover options, student ads, and business ads. The yearbook staff can easily manage multiple order deadlines, prices, as well as promotional discounts with Pictavo.Having one convenient system for online and offline yearbook orders makes it easy to account for every penny collected and have a constant pulse on the status of yearbook sales, which means yearbook staff can spend less time bookkeeping and more on other priorities.

Finding the right yearbook photos that highlight all school events can be a challenge for yearbook staff members. Now with the Community Image Upload feature of Pictavo, people outside of the yearbook staffcan upload and share images they’ve captured. For example, all of the parents, students and school staff can share their photos.This feature allows schools to dramatically increase the number and type of yearbook photos for consideration in their school yearbook without any extra effort. Since Pictavo is browser-based and accessible via any internet browser, it can be used anytime of the day or night and at any location that has an internet connection.The more students feel involved and included in the yearbook creation process, the more apt they are to buy one!

Yearbook publishing and printing has come a long way since the days when the yearbook staff was required to spend thousands of dollars on high-priced yearbook publishing software to make high-quality yearbooks.  Today, yearbook advisers and their staff have many powerful and no-cost yearbook publishing tools available to make the yearbook design and publishing process more streamlined and user-friendly.Take advantage of all the tools and resources available to help design and create your school’s yearbook, and don’t miss the opportunity this school year to work and collaborate withYearbookLife, one of the best yearbook publishing and printing companies.

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