Media Guide and Sports Book Fundraising

01 Apr Media Guide and Sports Book Fundraising

Do you want a special book dedicated just to your sports team? Let YearbookLife help you create one! We do not just specialize in yearbooks, but all kinds of memory books. Let us work alongside your prestigious sports team to create a book that showcases your team’s achievements.  Not only is a sports team book and or media guide great for keeping your memories, but it can work as a great fundraiser too!

Media Guides and Sports BooksMedia guide and sports book fundraising is easy, and who doesn’t love an easy fundraiser! Selling your media guide or sports book will increase team visibility, build team credibility, and spot light your players. These books are also great to market as a selling tool to recruiters. Of course, they also are a great keepsake for team member’s families. You will receive a full color and professional quality product. Send in your photographs for your spring sports teams!

Want your own personal Friday Night Football programs? Use our SEASON PASS Memory Book Program to create you’re a great program. With the option to change the cover weekly to feature your home team, the opposing team and the team line up for that week, your team and school will look as professional as possible. The process is simple, each weekend the coach can email us the team photos and team line up for the coming weekend.  We will print and ship your books to the school by Friday morning in time for the game! It’s simple, easy and fun for everyone. They are available in two sizes, as a regular 8.5″x11″ book or 6″x7 3/4″ digest size.

With YearbookLife, you will get the chance to create a professional quality sports team book and/or media guide. As always, we make sure to offer many options of layouts and designs for your enjoyment. Do not miss out on your chance to show off your sports team!

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